Brick Pavers are available in two sizes:


  • ·       4” x 8” with three lines of 15 characters each cost $100
  • ·       8” x 8” with six lines of 15 characters each cost $160

 Processing brick paver orders takes a few weeks, and getting them made takes a few weeks. When 4 to 6 bricks have been engraved, the landscaper is contacted to arrange their installation.

The History of the Brick Paver Program

In 2013, John Facchinetti, then Commander of Post 1518, presented the idea of selling memorial brick pavers as a fund-raising project for the Post building fund. He believed there were two reasons to start this endeavor; first it was a VFW mission to honor anyone who has served in the military, and secondly, it would be an ongoing fund-raiser for the VFW building fund. He first got approval from the city to locate the brick paver memorial in front of the flags at the Veterans Memorial located beside the Otsego County Courthouse in downtown Gaylord. Then he located a source for the bricks in Petoskey, and a company to do the engraving in Traverse City. Finally, he found a local landscaper who would install the bricks professionally at no cost. To date almost 400 brick pavers have been installed. The money collected goes in to the future Post building fund.

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