The Veterans Community Park Playscape is meant to create a unique and innovative play area for children, families, and veterans of all physical abilities to interact in a healthy and safe environment that encourages creativity, exercise, and fun.
The Vets Playscape Committee is a group of local community members who saw a need for an inclusive play area that children and adults with disabilities could play with their friends and family members together.
According to the 2022 US Census Otsego County has a12.4% disability population under the age of 65, The City of Gaylord (Where the playscape will be located) has a 21.6% disability population under the age of 65. The State of Michigan average is 14.3%. This playscape will help fill the gap of helping this population to have a park/playscape that caters to their needs.
The committee is currently working on a 4 phase playscape that will be located at the VFW property. Our goal is to have all 4 phases completed within 5 years, with the help of donations and grants. Our break down for each phase is as follows

2024- Phase 1- $54,250.17
2026- Phase 2 - $138,311.11 (the playground company has a matching grant that would provide us $60,580.90)
2028- Phase 3 - $120,467.14 (The playground company has a matching grant that would provide us $52,285.50)
2028-Phase 4- Pour and play rubber surfacing
** phases 2-4 are approximate as pricing will change slightly each year**

Each phase we will have a community build and different organizations and community members will assist in excavating, pouring cement and assembling the playground under the guidance of the playground company.

Currently the VFW property has a pavilion that is available to rent for special events. The VFW also hosts free movie nights at the pavilion in the summer. Providing a playground will enhance the park and allow families a new safe fun place to play.